Today, data is growing at an exponential rate and enterprises are struggling to manage the data and also extract meaningful insights for informed decision making. Enterprises in the absence of a Business Intelligence have to deal with lower sales growth, volatility in the cost of acquiring customers, increased spends, lowered levels of customer service, inefficiencies in financial management, inability to track customer behavior and marketing campaigns and promotions that lack focus on customer segments etc.

Supernova’s BI system is designed in such a way that reports and dashboards can be built in no-time by synchronizing data from various sources and can be shared with your employees. By keeping in mind that employee of any level need access to reports and data, we help them to generate and access reports and alerts anywhere with the help of a smart mobile device without direct assistance from IT team.

Our BI service team:

  • Study the existing BI and analyze the business goals
  • Understand the user needs and develop BI service accordingly
  • Design a centralized data pool to support analysis and report generation
  • Provide training about the new BI capabilities to all levels of employees
  • Set-up alerts and notifications