• I would like to extend personal thanks to your consultants and all their support in bringing the JBM project back on track. I believe that the USPS demo this week was a great success and we would not have been able to achieve this without their dedication and support. This was an important mile stone and whilst we have more ahead, I wanted to take this moment to extend my thanks to all of your consultants to bring us to this point. Thanks to all of your consultants hard work, long hours and dedication in making this demo (and ultimately the project) a success!
    -Stuckert Harald
  • The accomplishments that have been made on Project Argo to date are significant and We should be very proud of the your consultants efforts and commitment. Because of your consultants hard work, dedication, and leadership, the project continues to move forward and is tracking toward a successful Jaunary 1st 2009 implementaion.
    -Stephen M Cohen
  • As always, it was a pleasure working with you! What else can I say? We think that our experiences speak volumes about you and your team's talent and abilities. We're very fortunate to have you guys on our side! Thanks again for all your help answering my questions and addressing any issues I had with the fulfillment. Your quick responsiveness and superb follow-up kept us on track for a flawless execution. You all are truly amazing people, professionally and personally, and do such terrific work for us at Kraft Foods, Inc. You all make us look so good to your great service.
    -Tom Murphy